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@TCD: never thought it could be found there, thnx
@ratte: thnx for the infos

concerning the 1MB rom. IIRC it was said, you can use a main and extended rom on a real amiga.
using the "1MegRom" module by doobrey on the main rom (ROMBase $F80000) and adding all remaining things into the extended one (ROMBase $E00000).
at least this way i made such combination which works in winuae. here is the projectfile:
;Build list extended rom
;ROMBase $E00000
;ROMSize 512

ADD others/RomHeader/romheader
ADD BK_Mods/Patchmath020_All  
ADD BK_Mods/Romfixes2         
ADD BlizKick/Modules/A1000Jingle
ADD BlizKick/Modules/SpeedyChip 

;Build list main rom
;ROMBase $F80000
;ROMSize 512

ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/exec_40.10(A1200)
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/audio.device_37.10
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/battclock.resource_39.3
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/battmem.resource_39.2
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/bootmenu_40.5(A1200)
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/filesystem.resource_40.1
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/cia.resource_39.1
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/filesystem_40.1
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/con-handler_40.2
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/mathffp.library_40.1
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/misc.resource_37.1
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/potgo.resource_37.4
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/mathieeesingbas.lib_40.4(020)
ADD others/1MegRom
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/ramdrive_39.35
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/ram-handler_39.4
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/scsi.device_40.12(A1200)
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/shell_40.2
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/timer.device_39.4
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/romboot_40.1
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/ramlib_40.2
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/gadtools.library_40.4
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/intuition.library_40.85
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/input_40.1
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/icon.library_40.1
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/graphics.lib_40.24(AGA)
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/console.device_40.2
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/disk.resource_37.2
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/layers.library_40.1
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/keymap.library_40.4
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/trackdisk.device_40.1
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/utility.library_40.1(020)
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/wbtask_39.1
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/workbench.library_40.5
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/dos.library_40.3
ADD Modules/40.68(A1200)/expansion_40.2(A1200)
ADD BK_Mods/HogWaitBlit
ADD BK_Mods/Romfixes2
ADD BlizKick/Modules/FixMath404
ADD BlizKick/Modules/NewAlert
ADD BK_Mods/Patchmath020_All
ADD Modules/Exec44b4/LatePatch
ADD PowerWindows/BlizKick/PowerWindows
and yes, its plays the a1000 jingle while booting
so is there a need for a 1MB rom at all? or do i mix here something?

Edit: "others/1MegRom" was renamed in the last release of remus -> "Remus/Others/Blizkick/1MB_ROM"
so add "1MB_ROM" instead of "1MegRom".
How come you have Patchmath020_All and Romfixes2 in two places?
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