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ADF back to Amiga disk Problems

Hello everyone,

hopefully someone will be able to assist me with a problem I am having. I recently bought a second hand Amiga 1200, after not having one for some 14 years and loving playing games on WinUAE, i wanted to have the real McCoy again. The machine works well, and though not expanded, has an 80MB HD, which is sufficient for the time being. The machine came with a few disks so I thought I might try to convert some of the ADF Files I have back to amiga format. I bought a PCMCIA Compact Flash ADF transfer kit from Amiga Vintage in Germany. After installing the software on the amiga, I eagerly transferred some ADF files to the card, inserted the PCMCIA card and the CF card into the 1200. So far so good. After a little confusion and messing about I got everything up and running and started transferring my first ADF back to amiga format. The first try came up with the error " not enough space on target disk" or that sort of thing. after half an hour I got a disk to write successfully, so having done the remaining disks for the game I was eager to try them out, the disk read, then went straight to HD, something had gone wrong!! I did this with 3 more games with the same result.

The disks, when inserted in DF0 show the following DF0:????. I am thinking that they should read as NDOS disks but not being particularly technical aren't fully sure.

The transfer software is called Tracksaver and there is another program called ADF Blitzer.

Has anyone any ideas what may be the problem??
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