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Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
I start to believe the 'Clone-A' is a technology project to make products like the I-ECS possible, not an end in itself. Therefore a Clone-A Amiga is not on the cards...
...would I be correct? (I hope not)
I hope you understand that my main motivation posting in this thread was to clarify 2 points which some people might not have been aware of:

1. The Clone-A design was presented in a FULLY functioning form to an audience who could touch and abuse it.

2. Indivision ECS, a soon to be released product, does contain Clone-A technology.

My intention was not to discuss any internal development plans, though I can understand that a lot of people are awaiting our next steps concerning Clone-A. Believe me, from all people in the world, Jens and me will be the most happy ones when the day has finally arrived so that we can present Clone-A in its FINISHED form to you. We both have invested a significant amount of time and other resources into this project.

Please understand that, although some people might have a different perception, we are a relatively small company, which tries to survive in a relatively small market in rough economic times. We need to take care of ourselves and we want to ensure that Clone-A will be a success and not a failure.

As you can see with Indivision ECS, Clone-A has given us a lot of interesting design options for future projects and it surely won't be the last time something interesting will come out of our efforts.

Thanks for your understanding.
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