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Originally Posted by Predabot View Post
Has anyone outside of the Clone-A team tried out one of their latest prototypes? Would be interesting to hear if it works at all. Or is the Indivision ECS proof that it does work?
We had done a full public demonstration as early as March 2007, where we showed our Clone-A prototype running on an Amiga 500 with ALL custom chips being replaced by our own designs. The demonstration was NOT in any way moderated by us, instead, our guests brought their own disks with them to try out on Clone-A.

Our design is very cycle accurate (you HAVE to accomplish this if your reimplemented chips need to work in an original machine) and implements even the most obscure glitches and bugs found in the chipset, which took A LOT OF testing. You can replace ANY part of an Amiga with the Clone-A FPGA chips, it works in ANY combination of original chips and the replacements. The goal of Clone-A is not only running all games and applications, but to be as truthful to the original as possible.

And yes, Indivision ECS contains the Clone-A Denise. That's all I can say for now.
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