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Hi killergorilla and other's. Don't believe all the negative bullshit there have been written from people that just have tried to installed AmiKit and not used it from day to day as i have. I like AmiKit better than AmigaSYS, because of it's easy installer and own Windows startmenu, more built-in packages than AmigaSYS and easy updater. It's a heavy package, yes i agree in that, but if you have a high-tech PC (Tower) then give it a try, read all the info about it and it's usage from it's own homepage. If you have a low-tech PC (Laptop), then go for AmigaSYS, because of it's smaller size, less CPU consumption packages and it even have a surprise in it's sleeve, EaglePlayer 2.04 from the AmigaSYS Team. AmiKit have only the latest known 2.03 version before the source code for 2.04 was released.
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