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Originally Posted by Shoonay View Post
You mean Doom Shareware will check how long you use it and shut off if the time limit is over? Dunno, never checked it...
Why don't you dl the full version then which is available, like, EVERYWHERE.
I have not a single idea why those datestamps should be so important...
Okay, look, no, I'll explain further.

I gave Doom only as an example of file generation through DOS. Start with these files....

The installation setup files that come in The game is installed by means of running this program.

Doom's installation program is one of those good examples of programs that run natively well under XP. Doing it the native way will produce these files...

Notice the 1995 dates on the right. A real DOS system/box is capable of doing this. This is what I mean by maintaining datestamps.

Now, install the program again but this time under DOSBox. And this is the result you'll get...

As you can see, the original dates have not been transferred over, and instead they're all dated from the moment the files were created!

This was tested last night under v0.73. While there is a CVS build of DOSBox that can keep original dates, it is not as up to date (most recent version was released last week but is still based on v0.72 somewhat, and it has a lot of features removed from the last proper release, which was back in 2007), and I wish to keep DOSBox as up-to-date as possible, but in turn this means I have to sacrifice datestamp retrieval in the process. =[ I have inquired one of the DOSBox build maintainers for help and information as to how one can find the datestamp code amongst ykhwong's source and subsequently merge it into the latest CVS (which will be very difficult as I have zero experience in CVS building as it is), but so far he has only got back to me once, and that in turn took him many days (practically a week even) to reply.

Now do you see what I mean?

For the record, sure it may be easier to just install DOS programs natively, but there are many cases where installers for certain games will not work properly that way (if at all), and therefore have to be run under DOSBox. I don't like seeing all the dates get messed up, particularly as it would make it more difficult to pick out newer files in the directory when necessary.
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