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Question How to rip ST and PC formats out of FDIs?

I was experimenting with Toni's uaeunp tool of late and was pleased to see it could extract ADFs out of FDI images. However, it got me thinking now..... how would one be able to access PC and/or ST data on them? If I recall correctly programs like STeem, SainT and DOSBox do not directly support such a format.

I was thinking mainly of the example FDIs available over at the Disk2FDI site. Not sure if any other FDIs exist elsewhere.

I've tried numerous diskwriting tools with DOSBox and a virtual blank floppy image but they don't seem to work too well - it just writes a lot of corrupted data instead.

Perhaps this is something I would need to contact the appropriate STeem/SainT/DOSBox developers about?
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