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Help ! Problems with user menus and start menus in Directory Opus 5.8

I've never had problems to successfully create different button bars in my Diropus Config, both text and graphics button bars, but when it comes to create new "user menus" or "start menus" I'm having a strange problem :

The editor for user menus or start menus is arranged in 3 columns, each one -from left to right- representing a menu level (outermost to innermost). When I try to add new menus or submenus, they are all created using the same name "New menu" (for the outermost entries) and "new object" (for the submenus)... it seems impossible to change the names of these items, so you have lots of entries with the same name. What kind of menu is this?

Does anyone know how to fix this ????

Thanks in advance,

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