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So I was partially wrong.

If you want to give it a try:

- To land and get out of the ship: locate a flat surface and hold down down (down down down down....). After a few seconds, the character will get out.

- To talk to the miner, press A. First time it will tell him to follow you. Second time it will tell him to wait.
The miners are a bit dumb when they are moving by the way.

- To get back into the ship, press up in front of the cockpit (as shown in the video). Don't try using the beam back to ship power (available in the menu when you press Start and which binds it to the A button), it will kill you (at least in the version I have it does).

- Edit addition: getting back in the cockpit and out replenishes the jetpack fuel.

Too bad the game was not finished, it seemed promising.

Edit: Stuck on level 6. The level is much harder. There are two miners I can't seem to save and don't see a potential solution. For one of them, there is a ruby (red) door that should open since I have ruby cards and keys, but it does not seem to work, so right now I wonder if it is a bug or if I am missing something.

Edit2: Just made some PAR codes to explore that level 6 later this week-end to try and find a solution to my problem. Here they are in case somebody need them (they create some garbage on the life/jetpack bars and score + the game get stuck in the gas areas if you do what should kill you):

- Infinite energy:

- Infinite jetpack:

- Always have 5 lives:

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