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Originally Posted by cv643d View Post
Amiga is much more than just games.

Everytime I read these posts from people who still lives in the "A500/0.5MB extramem/extra floppy"-days I feel disgusted.

What if someone had the source for Workbench and ported it to a new CPU and hardware more modern than classic Amiga? Wake up, it is true and it is for sale now. So it is not x86, which would have been nice, but it is still totally awesome because Workbench -as most Amiga users knows- is really, really great. So it costs quite a lot, it is the harsh reality.

AmigaOS4.x becomes what you want it to become. If all you want to do is waste time on Ocean movie ports from 1993, go ahead skip next-gen Amiga.

If you fail to see that, I can fully understand why someone would be active and registered on an Atari ST forum.
Sadly there is no real next gen Amiga and there probably never will be The support for OS4 has dried up, the userbase doesn't even show up on a pie chart alongside Mac OS-X and Windows platforms with it being so small/specialist. Even Linux is more popular and supports more (and free!)... Look at the state of Amiga.Inc - they couldn't give a toss apart from giving us all a bad taste in the mouth.

not trying to be negative, I would love new Amiga hardware/OS - and believe me I'd rather use WB than Windoze but Windows is soooo cheap and useable along with the hardware and it works with everything...

I'd rather remember Amiga as it was, not something being dragged through a hedge slowly...

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