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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
That's interesting, thanks Paul. So it must be a problem with my XP machine/setup then. I'll also try DOpus to see if that helps.

Did you try with both an Amiga CDROM and a PC CDROM BTW? You might need to add the PC driver to read PC CDROM's but Amiga CDROMS *should* work ok without it (see Thomas's comments above).

It's good to know that it can work though, thanks again
It works regardless, I put in WIN95C and it read the disk just fine, even subdirectories and file transfers. I would suspect the Amiga problems may have been in regard to the DVD file structure.

Word of advice, the shared drive I use is (computername).(directory)

so an example, powerbox.amiga_backup:

Naturally I don't feel like typing this in, so I use an alias. Further to this whole deal, the Amiga names the shared directories as for instance, powerbox2: or powerbox3: to find out what it's named your share, just open Shell and type in info, there it will show you what is what.

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