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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
ReactOs is a windows clone with the goal of windows compatiblity and I dont think it uses any linux code.
THAT.Is.AWESOME! It's brilliant! WHY have no-one thought of this sooner?? It's such a simple, good idea!

Man... those guys need more funding, and they need it like now. It takes everything that's cool with CURRENT Win NT (directX compat' and everything) and scales it down, so it's no longer a resource hog, and you can even increase capabilities with those special libraries they mention. Kick ass.

Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
Theres hacks to run OS X on non apple X86 hardware so you can build your own Hackintosh but legaly its dodgey.

Its strange they wont sell it, its the same hardware
That IS a bit odd. Now that they're using the same ram, HD and CPU's, why not increase their user-base and such? Selling OSX to people who don't own an official MaC would help in increasing the user-base.

Originally Posted by ivansc View Post
Tried Ubuntu recently?

And as for Windoze compatibility, the only reason we are all stuck with this crap OS is that the bean counters liked it initially. I for one would be overjoyed never to have to use a MS product again.
The only reason people stick with MS stuff is (for example) that it is easier than using Open Office or similar and having to convert files for Windoze Word users who can`t convert files from other formats properly.

If everyone switched to an open source OS NOW, MS would have to take notice.
But of course that is never going to happen.
No, I haven't tried Ubuntu recently, because I have no interest in running a server... I mostly play games and work with graphics on my comp, and here the NT environment is still quite nice.

I've read a bit about Ubuntu, and it seems a lot easier to install and use than the Red Hat that I tried at the turn of the millennium ( which made me bang my head against my keyboard) but it doesn't convince me yet. We'll see. Maybe once they start converting the file-handler to be a bit more graphical.

If I was to go Open Source, it would be ReactOS. Support for drivers and commercial programs that I ( and many others) already use, as well as a budding DirectX-compatibility. I don't have anything against Open Source, I just don't think this Unix-thingamajig is something that suits every end-user. It certainly doesn't suit me.

Originally Posted by amigarobbo View Post
I've run MacOS-X on my µA1.

I've read posts on Amigaworld where members of Hyperion have basically said there's no chance of AmigaOS4.x on Mac hardware.

MorphOS is looking more possible however...
I wonder why they don't want to port it to MaC...? I guess AROS should be just as possible as MorphOs tho, right?
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