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Nice projects

Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
Hey everyone! Just a quick update, I've added a new video of Tracker Hero showing the Guitar controller support in action! I'm pretty sure it's using Paul Willigham's Playstation-CD32 adapter. I really hope they can add USB support too.

Check it out - [ Show youtube player ]]
This does look like good fun espashaly with the Guitar - I hope this gets finished.

Originally Posted by nujack View Post
BTW I work on a game for AGA-Amigas too. Time is very limited and I need some support in 2D graphics/animation to finish it some day. Here are more infos about the game:
For example the title-screen needs a background, some kitchen-animations have to be done, the box-object, seen on screenshots in the first row has to be changed with a better one. If you have time and skills to support our game let me know.
I think the game will be finished as freeware or shareware.
I hope someone is able to help you finish this nice little project.Demo Please...
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