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Hello and some gifts

Hello all.
My name is warren. I live in sheffield. I have been following this site for many years but have never felt the need to really comment on it. However, last year, I drew a video for my band from my own recollection of the game 'Winter Olympiad '88' playing it with my father on the amiga 500 back in 1988. Which i feel to be one of the best olympic games EVER! Each frame in the video is drawn by hand by myself, please excuse the poor quality (youtube) and if anyone wants a proper copy on dvd i will put some songs and a dvd and post it to you free of charge!

[ Show youtube player ]

also, if anyone is interested in the chiptunes side of things, i covered every top 40 song each week in the uk on gameboy throughout 2007-2008 here :

however, i dont want this to seem like a blatant post to try and gain admiration for my shitty band, i just want to share something that you could possibly be interested in! apologies for bothering you if i have done. I love this board. I hope more than anything that we get an ADF (or 4) of Putty Squad.


Warren Myles.
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