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I'm really upset that I won't be able to take advantage of the extra buttons on the joystick to play 2-button games. All four buttons do exactly the same thing, despite there being a 2-button standard for Amiga controllers since the very beginning (the second firebutton is the same as the second mousebutton), then Commodore made the 2-button CDTV pads, and then the CD32 pads which had both buttons, as well as four more firebuttons and a play/pause/start button. So for many, many years now there has been a 2-button standard for Amiga games to use (even if many opted to only use one button), and many games took advantage of it, yet in 2009 we get a brand new joystick which doesn't support this standard, and is basically a Commodore 64 joystick, not an Amiga joystick. Also, it's useless to use on a Sega Master System, which it wouldn't be if it had supported a second fire button (it has FOUR THAT DO THE SAME THING).

This is a big disappointment, considering all the good hardware that you guys have brought out lately.
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