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As I suspected, my XP's firewall was blocking all access. I had to add my A1200's IP address as a trusted computer in XP and then it was game on.

I also found out that you do need to enter the username/password that you use to login to XP within EasyNet.

I'm having trouble browsing the contents of a CD but you can see the contents of normal HD shares without issue

The cdrom problem is bizzare actually because it correct mounts the CDROM share on my desktop (after a few mins anyway) and even reads the CDROM to get the correct Icon but when you open a window to browse the contents you cannot see anything (the drive space is correct shown in the window's title bar). What gives, has anyone got EasyNet to browse the contents of a CDROM using a share setup on a host PC? I'm trying this with my OS 3.9 CDROM so it should be Amiga compatible
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