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Originally Posted by Predabot View Post
INDEED! The age of Open Source will soon be upon us... Hardware as well as software.
Now... if those Linux-developers would just stop making all of their distro's so god-damn hard to install/use and do some deal to make a freeware only partially Open Source OS so the driver-manufacturers could finally come on-board, as well as FULL WINDOWS-COMPATIBILITY then we would be all set...

I've never understood that, why no FULL windows-compatibility? It's like trying to invent a better VHS, but only making it compatible with Betamax... Idiocy.
Tried Ubuntu recently?

And as for Windoze comptibility, the only reason we are all stuck with this crap OS is that the bean counters liked it initially. I for one would be overjoyed never to have to use a MS product again.
The only reason people stick with MS stuff is (for example) that it is easier than using Open Office or similar and having to convert files for Windoze Word users who can`t convert files from other formats properly.

Currently playing with Linux music software but always have at least one machine on the current release of Ubuntu.
If everyone switched to an open source OS NOW, MS would have to take notice.
But of course that is never going to happen.
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