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@MG: I agree, hence the reason for the server...
...spinimg also added to the Zool archive.
When I've actually got time (contributions welcome) I'll get round to do some serious box & man scans - preservation resource & all that/

Thanks, yes it seems to be my electrics - can't turn the kitchen lights on now without everything going dark.

It will be interesting to see what RG says. The Archie is a fantastic retro-gaming platform with some great native games as well as the ports but lets face it: The 'scene' sucks & as a result support / software / mods are hard to come by...
...did I mention some of us are attempting to help with that?

Um, back to electricity:
I'm on holls for a week & as I don't want the house burning down while my back's turned I'll have to switch everything off while I'm away - sorry.

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