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Welcome to the club Zeewolf....

i've only got 3 games for the GBA, but i'm getting 128 flash thou

Mario Kart........ bloody excellent and includes the Snes tracks
Tony Hawks 2.. great even if you've played the psx versions, cos of the viewpoint
Golden Sun...... pretty RPG, FF7 style, haven't played it too much

As for Amiga ports, i know there are loads coming out (check out EmuChina)

if you find the screen is too dark, a m8 recently did a mod to his which included inserting a customized light in the GBA, and it worked great (even has a dark/light dial)

Anyway, let us know what games you get... go to a sunday boot market and pick up some cheap GB games (they are now widescreen)....

Golden Sun, reminds me of Zelda (the adventure part) and Final Fantasy (the fighting part), it got good reviews from most of the mags and is the best of its type for the GBA

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