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Just got my hands on a GBA!!

I'd just like to add that Ive just acquired a GBA!!
It was after hearing about the GBA on here that I decided that I'd have to get hold of one at all costs!
At first I was a bit sceptical, I was honestly expecting it to be poo! but to my suprise its very good, the graphics are quite good & I think the sound is spot on too.
The game I had with it was ISS, god a completely different game compared to the PS2 version, I think its much harder on first impressions!! I actually think the commentating is better too!

Are there any ports of amiga games out yet?

Also I'd like to know if the game Golden Sun on the GBA was planned to be released on the amiga years ago, the name & look of the game definitely remind me of a screen shot of a game I saw in an Amiga mag years ago!

What am I going to spend most time on now, Amiga, PC, Spectrum, C64 or the GBA? Tough decisions, hmmmm dont think I'll be spending too much time with the missus!!
She hates me & my computers!! Never mind eh!!
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