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Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
Thanks, I'll add it to the Zool archive on the server.
No problemo. Glad to be of help!

Maybe scanning the Zool box should be next on my to-do list.
You know, a scan of the two pieces of codewheel was also archived, but if you have the original game I'm sure you can provide a better scan..... unless you're afraid of taking the thing apart.

What's annoying though is that Heimdall on that site is one of the games Archive *didn't* save! And I've been struggling to find a download of that anywhere on the net. I'm telling you, I'm happy you decided to make this server (and I did read the Welcome page). If a bunch of others were just going to sit with their fingers up their arses while spouting about never supporting "piracy" in the Archie scene (while somehow believing it to be okay to pay well over the odds in this day and age for obscure Archie ports of 10-20yr-old games), somebody had to go do the proper thing in the end.

You know, one of these days I'll get round to uploading my CD copy of Simon The Sorcerer (which I believe cost me roughly 34 a couple years ago! And I can't even seem to find the site I bought it from anymore), seeing as no-one else on the internet, or even torrent world, has touched it with a lengthy barge pole.
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