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Originally posted by Unknown_K
A bare A1200 on ebay goes for $125 or more in the US. The 500's are inexpensive (thats why I have one). Also XBOX has a HDTV output addon doesnt it? That would look alot better then RCA to a TV any day. I know for my dreamcast VGA out looks alot better then SVHS out and that looks better then plain RCA out.

If you cant find/afford/have space for the real system and EMU is the next best thing
SVGA ouput looks better than RCA out because the chroma and luminance signals are split; while I agree that the signal is nicer this way, it's not enough to where I would replace the real thing with emulation. Especially when one can find/afford/have space for the real system*.

*find=easy to find real Amigas, they're often dirt cheap, an X-Box takes up more room and puts money in the pocket of bad people.
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