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Originally Posted by Frog View Post
i don't understand the point.
Basically a lossless format work a bit as an archiver (winrar, 7zip) with special algorythm optimized for samples.
So a FLAC samples must be exactly the same as the original uncompressed audio file.
I do remembering reading something about winzip having such special compression that was similar or the same as flac. If i remember correctly from flac forum many months ago. They said it was active when winzip used no compression and maybe another setting. I assume they may have been talking of a beta winzip version. Maybe winzip has it, probably it says so on the site, i don't know i prefer winrar mainly. Or maybe it was an inhouse version release that never went public. If would it be the only main stream compressor apart from flac that can compress to flac...

I think i doesn't matter what compression you choose or use, As long as the file size gets a lot smaller, playable on pc and non pc players. Able to play, scan ff-rew, and skip to any track instantly even if packed with the highest compression. Alas the most important is that it remains lossless when packed and unpacking you have the same file as the source file before packing it. Flac for me does all these and is popular. There are other lossless compressors and i've tried a few. But for me flac intergrates into many pc softwares where as other lossless compressions don't or are not updated often enough.

The thing with lossless format is, imagine eif veryone used it became the standard like mp3 is/was. Hard drives and memory is ever increasing so space is not a factor any longer. So why not have cd quality in your walkabout players and phones etc. Mp3 was chosen long ago as a favourite for one reason only space. Mp3 are small files while lossless are not, everyone back then wanted cd quality, but made do with lossy. Not that is a problem any longer, lossless is gaining quickly because of hardware advances bigger memory and drives etc.

Sorry for the long writing, i didn't realise until now
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