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Big grin Symphonic Shades 2009 & Mincandy 3 demo released!

It's back: CD "Symphonic Shades" - Huelsbeck In Concert
Sold out way too quick in December last year, now it's back! With its transparent standard-tray the new edition is lower priced (17.95 instead of 22 Euro) than the first edition. All other details incl. CD content and the extensive booklet with interview, photos and artwork are identical. The CD presents all songs of the concert performed in August 2008 in Cologne, which was a world-premiere: Minimalist homecomputer sounds turned into arrangements for 120 musicians of orchestra and choir - a complete symphonic concert dedicated to the works of one video game musician exclusively. The name of this person is Chris Huelsbeck, whos regarded as legend among enthusiasts for his music in game classics of the C64- and Amiga-homecomputer era such as "Giana Sisters" or "Turrican". The songs were rearranged by demoscene legend Jonne Valtonen (ex Future Crew), director was Grammy-winning artist Arnold Roth.

Price: 17.95 Euro
Direct link:

MindCandy 3 goes HD: Video preview + preorder
Free download: Trixter uploaded a 30-minute trailer-DVD (1.7 GB) as a preview of the MindCandy 3 production process for Blu-ray Video + preorder:

Plus there are two new gimmicks available in the shop: C64 Orchestra T-shirt and Thermostatic button

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