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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
thanks for the info!! Exl was looking for node & enemy info everywhere. I would not have thought that it was in SNGARC.BIN!
Yes i was puzzled about that too. What a strange design choice.

Originally Posted by jotd View Post
BTW I've got a trick when I create dump programs: I dump the hex data but I replace the data by _ chrs where I know what it means:

05 67 __ __ 43 23 __ 01 00 __
and print them decoded below.

So when I get all __ I know all is decoded. Worked well for cadaver, even if there are still undecoded parts (I don't resource the code, so it's a little trickier )
I used to work in a similar way (and still sometimes do). But since i discovered 010 Editor some years ago, i rely heavily on it.

Concerning .ANI files, they -seems- to be regular IFF animation (standard header and chunks).

I've tried several IFF ANI players on PC and Amiga (DP V, Personal Painter), but none of them handle the IFF. Whether i'm wrong and they'are not so regular that i thought, or i've made a mistake.

Any ideas?

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