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My thanks to you both.

Yes, the new PCB did the trick - phew!
After I had a rather hairy 'God, the drive really is dead' moment - then I noticed the new PCB had a label stuck over the contacts between it & the mechanism.
Needless to say I took an image of the drive, then copied it onto another HDD for the server AND have locked the original away in a box - me, paranoid? No...

So, it's up again in all it's, um, glory..?
Well, the Radio server's still down - did I mention my dead NAS..? Got the files back, though.


The Qube


The Qube

This Evening
(It works, ok)

No, it wasn't my beloved RiscPC that did a towering inferno impression; so melting my Qube. The first Piccie was taken about an hour before I moved it on-top of my 'evil' home-server.


Quick Tour:

FTP Server:
Login: Anonymous (unless you are a member)
Port: 4001
Transfer: PASV_off, Binary

Web Root:
Ok, not much to see here...

Home Page:

A tour of 32bit RiscOS systems...
...courtesy of Chris's Acorns

A nice front end for the lazy...

Hardware, software, and modding page...

Radio & MUD:
Home page for the Qube MUD server, and RadioMUD...
...the mud is up though not the nice Flash front-end (bloody Adobe)
I sort-of envisage it as a retro hack 'n slash come chat-room, thing.

...RadioMUD is down at the mo' while I go buy some replacement hardware.

The Qube RiscOS Bulletin Board:
Does what it says on the tin...
If you prefer.

Guest Book:
Link carefully hidden...

...and I'm spent.
Night, night.

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