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Originally Posted by THX1138 View Post
My original 4000T workbench disk has become corrupted,and have been looking for the original disk images in .adf format,for this disk and the other 2 disks ( Install & Extra's )

These 3 disks are specific to the 4000T.

I have found a zip file which contains all the original files but these only fit on a 1.44 disk as apposed to my original disk which is 880kb.

Can anyone help ?
Originally Posted by THX1138 View Post
I do have 6 disks,they are all 880kb.

Install 4000T \ 370299-97
Workbench 4000T \ 370300-97
Extras 4000T \ 370301-97

Storage 370299-99
Locale 370300-99
Fonts 370301-99
Hi THX1138,

Does the zip file you have found contain an .ADF file which is 1760kB?

If it is, you could mount it in WinUAE and copy the files you require to another, blank 880kB .ADF file (which WinUAE wiull allow you to create), to recreate the disk you want.

This could then be copied to your Amiga to be written to disk with a program like TSgui. And this will be the Workbench disk you require.

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