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Originally posted by Akira
First off, the situation over here is complete ARSE. It affected me enough to not be able to buy more computers! but I am in a pretty good situation after all, getting a good ammount of NICE freelance design jobs. So I'm cool. but I wish I could spend my cash on old compies again!

Our rooms have similarities mate. Check out our old amps (what is it with Amiga users and old amplifiers? They sound SO MUCH BETTER eh? ), and the compact macintoshes!

I'm curious about the black screen with green text though.. It's LNG right? I thought you needed SuperCPU for that to run... I assumed C64 is your baby since you have about 7 of them How many of those actually work?

Feel free to visit and stay for free, an old computer nutter is alwasy more than welcome in my house
LNG is for base c64's. Designed for a 64kb system although it has support for other hardware (REU's etc)

i have around 11 c64's at the moment 8 or so work. the others i use for spares..

check the lng page i posted earlier for more info

well, i'd love to visit.... although im not sure the english are very popular in your country! however.. hehe.. you can protect me.
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