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Originally posted by Akira
Thanks Buzz, I love my old technology . And don't worry about girlfriends, as we discussed with whiteb, they are incompatible with computers, even less the old ones! Better get a replacement peripheral, like an Intellivision speech module ( ).

Come and visit anytime, the trip will be expensive though :P

A JAMMA cab is the next step... It's teh right thing to do!

[edit] Hahaha! I loved the pic with you and the C64! We love them old compies, don't we
Hows the current financial situation there effecting you ?
Are you able to get at savings or its limited? I read the government is trying to get people to except bonds, but to me that just seems an unsafe gamble.

Im moving soon and if after paying the rent for a larger place (buying in this city is impossible it hink. its soo expensive... 130,000 gets you a small flat) i intend to get a decent cabinet and buy a select few of my favourite arcades. speciall mutant fighter, since i loved it when i was younger and its unemulated due to encryption hardware etc.. typical data east stuff..

aah yes. c64 is my baby.. infact although you cant tell from the photos easily ont he large pictures. i am viewing a website on my laptop. that website is hosted on my c64!! running LNG

I even coded some ofd the webserver myself for this project, although onyl a small amount (default document support and some bug fixes)

But hey, im thinking of going somewhere different for my hols. So how much you charge for a room. One with a view would be nice.. I mean no windows. just Commodore and old hardware everywhere
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