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Originally Posted by exoticaga View Post
the bitrate [of FLAC] on playback is the exact same as the original wave file.
But so is MP3!! For files compressed at the same sample rate and sample size as the original WAV (which is the norm) the "bitrate on playback" is irrespective of what compression was used. The "bitrate on playback" will be the exact same bitrate as the original wave file. (Which for CD Audio is 16-bit * 44.1KHz * 2 channels = 1411.2 Kbit/s)

Originally Posted by exoticaga View Post
Also the unpacked lossless file is identical to bit, bitrate and frequency for the whole file when analyzed.
Ah, but that is where the lossy stuff differs. It still has the same "bitrate on playback" as the original wave file but it is NOT identical.

I am 99% sure FLAC files which are smaller than the original WAV file are said to have a lower bitrate than their corresponding WAV files.

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