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Would be nice to see that conversion.
It's pretty much finished, only the leveleditor and the train graphics are missing.


I might give it a go, I'm on a pixelling roll
Cool, I'm looking forward to play "Manga-Locomotion"

lemme check it first... in the WinUEFA lameulator Can't it work on productivity?
Sorry, my fault. It's RTG complaint, that means it will work in *any* screenmode you throw at it - even PAL:Lores (that's what the current graphics are designed for). Heck, you could even use NTSC:Lores and scroll the playfield up/down while playing . The fact that it works this way has one drawback of course: It can't use any chipset features (sprites/bobs in this case) - all moving graphics must be blitted into the GFX mem by the CPU. I guess Productivity would be way to slow (resulting in pretty "epileptic" movements of the trains) - but I can't test it as I don't have an adaptor for my Amiga's RGB port anymore. You'd probably get better results using PAL:Lores.
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