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Cool re:Shapeshifter help! (Again?)

Thanks for the advice! Haven't tried fusion at all, for
some reason I thought that was a hardware/software deal,
probably confused it with AMax or something similar. I'll
have to check it out. About prepemual, i'v tried disabling
it, and the program crashes before bootup. When I install
it via blizkick, it seems to work. I remember I didn't use
it when I ran shapeshifter under AGA, and now it doesn't
run without it. Probably not getting all the 3.9 rom
patches blizkicked over, I'll have to check that. Though
last night I remembered my wife had a basilisk II hardfile
with 7.5.5 on it, so I copied it to my fileserver, mounted
it over SMBFS (which was painfully slow), and copied the
system folder over to the 1200's MFS partition. Switched
the boot disk via control panels, and reset. Aside from
some missing aliases, 7.5.5 booted up perfectly, and is
much more stable than the 7.0.1 install that was on there.
My only gripe now is there seems to be some conflict hiding
somewhere, probably with blizkick. (I'll check version
numbers via scout later), and I'm stuck running it in its
own screen instead of a window. I'll check into fusion, and
see if I can remedy that. Oh, and the only copy of Diamonds
I had (cheesy mac game) was on a hardfile on my old HDD
that went bad. On a side note, anybody know how to get the
files copied into an MFS partition via CrossMac to work? I
end up with filename.sit.bin files that I can't access via
MacOS. (Trying to install taxicab as a browser)
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