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thanks for the info!! Exl was looking for node & enemy info everywhere. I would not have thought that it was in SNGARC.BIN!
The rest I pretty had it figured out. I started a RJP player, pretty much figured out the data format too (using Cannon Fodder song) but did not complete it. I can decode most of the data (using the asm source this time), but the format is awful.

BTW I've got a trick when I create dump programs: I dump the hex data but I replace the data by _ chrs where I know what it means:

05 67 __ __ 43 23 __ 01 00 __
and print them decoded below.

So when I get all __ I know all is decoded. Worked well for cadaver, even if there are still undecoded parts (I don't resource the code, so it's a little trickier )

about leaving the files in the directory, what do they care, as there is a lot of space on the CD. This info is very valuable for the WHDLoad slave, though: the data could be left off the HD so PRELOAD eats less memory.
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