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Returning to Amigas - new to emulation

Hello all,

Just thought I'd say hello. I'm a 28-year old ex-Amigan from about 1993 to 1998 - started out with an A500+ and ended up with an A1200 with an 68030 50MHz CPU, 10MB RAM, CD-ROM etc, hard drive etc.

Anyways, after excavating it from my parents' loft I recently sold it (to someone I've just noticed was posting on here about a month ago after purchasing it all from me!) but I decided to keep all the games and invest in some decent emulation so I bought Amiga Forever and an 80s retro USB joystick - the setup seems to be much more powerful than my old machine, even on a very cheap Vista laptop from 2007.

Have downloaded all my old games plus loads of other legal ones from Back to the Roots, Dream 17, Gremlin Graphics world etc and can see retro emulation becoming a big hobby for me (I've done much the same with my ZX Spectrum).

Not too sure yet about the ethics of downloading old games where the copyright holder has denied permission (e.g. LucasArts, Code Masters etc), even though they're not selling them anywhere? curious as to anyone else's views on this...
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