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Artists needed for Freeware game "MyLocomotion"

I uploaded "MyLocomotion" to the zone. It's a (surprise, surprise) Locomotion clone that works with graphic cards. You shouldn't bother downloading it if you don't have an accellerated Amiga and a gfx board.

Work is still in progress, currently it uses the samples, levels and graphics of the original version. The drawback is that the playfield is always 320*256 pixels, no matter what screen resolution you choose.

Is somebody interested in doing some gfx for the game? The author needs both alternative gfx sets (he would violate Kingsoft's copyright if he distributed the game in its current form) and gfx-sets for higher screen resolutions. Have a look at the "ILBM" drawer, it should be quite obvious how to do gfx sets for the game.
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