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Originally Posted by jPV View Post
Samba can be installed for older AmiTCP too, settings are pretty similar as well as features of the stacks.

But if you only want to access shares on other computers, then installing whole Samba is overkill. Samba is mainly needed on the server side.

You should use SMBFS for mounting shares from other computers instead. It's just one little shell command for Amiga and nothing else is required. Just correct options for it and the serving end. I guess EasyNet comes with it. Couple of notes for Amiga usage of smbfs: you need to add your PC's address and name to amitcp:db/hosts file and then add stack before running smbfs ("stack 32768", for example).

Samba is the default protocol for file sharing in Windows, so you don't need to install anything if you're using Windows on your PC. Just define some shares there. Also most Linux distros come with Samba pre installed.
Yes I just want to access my PC's DVD drive and maybe the HD.

I never knew that Samba is the default protocol for file sharing in really do learn something new every day (and then forget 3 things).

Thanks for the info
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