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Evil grin Shapeshifter help! (Again?)

Hello all, after upgrading my system, I've finally gotten
her to work smoothly. (Mostly by replacing the os3.9
setpatches romloading capabilities with those provided by
fblit, allowing for a few more bell, whistles, and fixes,
including the annoyin A1000jingle patch which I'm still
trying to figure out why I put up with :-D ) However, While
I've gotten shapeshifter to boot with a dedicated mac
partition formatted with crossmac, and figured out my
bigges prob was apparently the blizkick prepareemul module
needed to be before the fastmemcopy and speedychip stuff, I
still consistantly crash when loading the installation for
macOS 7.5.3 (along with many other programs) I've installed
MCP, and used its guru logger, the last entry from a
shapeshifter crash was #80408080, though the computer
simply reset instead of offering a guru. Basilisk seems to
do the same thing, though it lost its hard drive prefs, and
I can't remember how I translated shapeshifters first
sector, num. of sectors, max transfer size to basilisks
start block, size (blocks), and block size prefs. Also, the
nocopyback tooltype doesn't work, so I'm planning on using
MCP's when I get it up and running if needed, until then I
disable copyback with cachecontrol. Any ideas?
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