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Hello jotd,

Originally Posted by jotd View Post
Kroah please make your viewer available, and with source code if possible!
Yes, i'm finishing some stuffs and i'll release it. I always provide source code on demand, so be it.

Originally Posted by jotd View Post
The CD32 version is strange because there are mixed ECS pictures and "AGA" (actually 4 bit per pixel) graphics for characters and some monsters.
But that's not new: Cadaver (PC) has 3 types of 16 color graphics: what I call EGA for the most of gfx, amiga bitplanes for the main character (with a 5th bitplane for mask), and ST bitplanes for fonts and dashboard !
You are right.

There are at least 5 encodings for sprites (all are 4 bitplanes (16 colors) but the last one):
- 1 chunky (like on PC)
- 3 planars (ST format) with different interleaves (1 byte for 8 pixels width, 1 word for 16 pixels width and 1 dword for 32 pixels width). I say ST format because the AM planar format is not interleaved (or sometimes by scanline).
- 1 planar AM (variable bp)

That's why the sprites are 16 colors among the 256 colors palette (There is 1 palette for each world and a special one for the last level).

But what i really don't understand is the directory:
- All .SIN files are the exact copy of their corresponding .BIN file. They are useless.

- The STATIC.BIN file contains 7 files (getready.bin, expl1616.bin, nodes.bin, expl3232.bin, tranmask.bin, panel.bin and sp8x8.bin). Those 7 files are in the directory too but never used (the ones in static.bin overwrites them). Among those 7 files, only getready.bin and expl1616.bin are different.

- SNGARC.BIN is a RNC archive containing 29 RNC files:
000-003 world RJP sng (1 for each world)
004 title RJP sng
005 end level table gfx
006 all hire gfx (AM)
007-022 the level entities datas (monsters, nodes) (1 for each level)
023-026 world items gfx (1 for each world)
027 hire table gfx
028 "the chaos engine cd32 version" gfx

- SNGARC2.BIN is a RNC archive containing 11 RNC files:
000-008 the renegade gfx (all the same but pointing to the same data in the RNC archive)
009 "a bitmap brothers game" gfx
010 "the chaos engine cd32 version" (same as 028 from sgnarc.bin)

I know porting a game may need to change some files format, renaming them, etc... But here there are really strange things. Seems they have left they WIP files in the directory?

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