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OK I've sorted it - re-partitiioned Hard drive into 3Gb WorkBench...what ever left for Work

Installed workbench 3.1
Installed IDE FIX
Ran OS 3.9 CD - installed ontop of workbench 3.1 - not from emergency disk - partition now big enough.

all working.

Only problem now is that the 20Gb drive is only seen as Workbench 3Gb and work 4.9 Gb - how do i get it to see all of it?

also when I start the system an error keeps coming up saying "Cache CDFS - Cannot open cdrom.device unit 0"

My cd-rom is on IDE do I get rid of this error please?

When I go into CDFS prefs it says "you are use a version of the CacheCDFS filesystem this program can't handle!"

any Ideas - apart from that very impressed - haven't felt like this since I got my first A1200 back in '93!!

Right....where's canon fodder.......oh - any guides on this whload stuff?

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