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Not big enough for OS 3.9 huh? Maybe that is why it falls over?
The emergency disk can boot even if you disconnect the HDD altogether. It only needs the CD. So partition size does not matter at all.

Please try the following: open a text editor, open the file in Devs/DosDrivers of the emergency disk, it's either EMERGENCY_CD or CD0 (there is only one). Find the line reading MaxTransfer = 0x1000000 and change it to read MaxTransfer = 0x10000 (delete two of the zeroes).

Then save the file and reboot.

so how do I do this please
Once the emergency disk boots correctly, you will see that it contains an icon called HDToolbox. If you run this you can change the partitioning of the HDD.

But be careful: each partition you change will loose all its data. If you want to keep the files, be sure to make a backup first. Hopefully there is another partition which does not need to be changed and can take all the data. Or some free space where a new partition can be created.

Who on earth creates a 7 MB partition on a 20 GB HDD ???
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