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Q: I've heard there are revised copies of the OS 3.9 CD (a "Second Edition" or "SE" version); how do I know if I have one, and how do they differ?

A: The "Second Edition" CD should be pink; the original CD should be 'warm red'. Also, if your CD has files dated January 26, 2001 (or later) in the root directory, you have the newer "SE" CD. The original CD has no newer files than November 29, 2000.

The Second Edition CD contains various corrections to the installation script. However, please note that when installing OS 3.9 as an update only--NOT a full install, the installation script overwrites the S:Startup-Sequence file. Make sure you create & rename a backup copy of your original Startup-Sequence file before installation.

Regardless, Boing Bag 3.9-1 fixes most of the issues and problems with the first batch of CDs. There should be no real need for someone who has a first edition/original CD to buy a second edition CD if Boing Bag 3.9-1 is correctly installed.
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