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Originally Posted by Mad-Matt View Post
The Startup disk should be reseting the amiga and installing the rom update and the updated workbench.lib installed by setpatch (contained on the floppy) . Is any of this happening ?

The emergency disk? well it's reseting the amiga (power light goes dim) then accesses HD a bit then CD-ROM do I know if it's installing ROM update and updated workbench.lib? what is set patch?

Looking on the CD it is version 45 of Workbench library (opened it on my PC in notepad).....

It loads into a new screen with workbench Screen in title bar, displays the error then a blue & grey background comes up.....THEN NOTHING!!

Was I meant to get a disk with the updated ROMS? How can it update the ROMS? I'm really confused here!!?

Is there an easy way of installing this? Can I wipe the HD and start from scratch?? I have workbench 3.1 disks (dunno if they are working thought) plus 3.9 OS original CD.....someone said to get OSXL? what is this?

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