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Well, Vention has replied

He's said he has not looked into it at all and all of his Amiga's are in fully working order. None of his machines are currently connected though, and Vention says he's not really in the mood to set them up

As mentioned earlier, he says:-
I think the chances of ever getting the 2nd hidden part to run are slim to none. It's very likely that parts of it has been overwritten, as we kept working on the demo after we disabled the 2nd hidden part
I don't think I'll push him any more. It will be up to Vention to decide whether or not he wants to pursue this matter, and judging by what he has said so far, it'll be a long shot to find the code on the HDD anyway.

Many thanks go to Vention for his reply And maybe one day he *will* find the dream again

Edit: Now where's Akira to tell me I told you so

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