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hello buzz - thanks for the hint but of course i know and use rsync, and agree its a pretty good solution, but it doesnt finance storage space. and of course i do not only have shell access, these are 2 dedicated back2roots servers and without being root there these wouldnt serve much. im not a newbee just the costs with time are huge.

redundancy is one thing - but all content of the ftp labeled back2roots comes from here so the backup existed BEFORE the online presence. no point in repeating that.

prob is backup without fat line in such domensions (as i have) is worth nothing and a pain in the *** to keep in sync with payable fast (16/1mbit) home lines. upping that back is predictable monthes of time...

backup to the secondary server (full redundancy as space allows) is fast - restoring too as you soon can see - the missing remainder comes from cheap terabyte disks as you recommend with cheap private line so expect it in winter (WITH rsync .

today the recovery finished and showed that content is 25% lost (striped through any file and directory, directory context lost - so all stuff is absolutely void) - with a fat storage space AND a fat line that wouldnt be an issue. so its now sure that i must start from scratch (and slow line hosted backups)

the team server has a dedicated gigabit line on a secondary nic directly connected to the main server - it just lacks the storage space for the ftp (everything else is redundant backed up) as the money which came plain wasnt enough for that part (i dont think that many people who donated had some insight on double storage needs - i of course had - but we were VERY happy with what we got - thanks to all people who made that possible at all

having redundancy with most stuff (www and files, the stuff known as bttr before) was far beyond what we expected - the ftp was a further luxus powered by donors - and i see it positive - even if it takes time - next time its better even as it always was after such problems. and again a 1GB site is easy to maintain, this is another dimension as its not only space needs but also bandwidth needs (latest uploads all were half GB per file)...

MethodGit: all 139 CDs are still online - just only as an image (so often fat and not for everybody's line) tnx to redundant space.

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