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Yep, time for a cuddle...

NAS = Network Attached Storage (ethernet HDD)

Let us survey the damage so far:
-Home server - Toast.
(Software, Qube backup, backup FTP server, Family photos + videos)
-Qube - Melted.
(FTP, Web, Radio servers)
-NAS - Dead.
(Movies, MP3's, Family photos + videos)


The good news?
-All the retro boxes keep plodding on...

-Still awaiting Hong Kong on that replacement PCB.
(Not yet without hope on the Qube front)
-Looks like the NAS's PCB went fut rather than the HDD.
(currently 'acquiring' UFS Explorer for that one)
-I could well be about to become the EAB's resident file-recovery expert.
(I'd rather not have to learn TBH)

Anyway, enough moaning.
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