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^^^^^ I couldn't have said so better myself - thanks Blodwyn!

I'll just add a couple:

11. Killing yourself and team mates by accident with arcbolt and wychwind while the monster it was intended for survives!

12. Fun spells like Summon (letting your mate go ahead then locking him in a room full of 'em).

The death match point is a very good one. Bloodwych players were playing the "Deathmatch" well before FPS hit the market.

Here is a list of the alternative spell names we used to use:

Summon - we called the guys produced "FatJabbers"

Wychwind - we called "Winnet-wind", because you'd crap out blue shit all over! ("Winnet" is slang, please don't ask what it means - you really don't want to know).

Have you played the Data-Disk/extended levels Blodwyn?
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