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DemonHellraiser - thanks for the nice words

Buzz - of course i know rsync and backups and im doing what i can. that would be easy for a 1GB site - but it took two years to at least get the storage space and hardware to run the archive at all (with 250 people's paypal contribution). I run hourly crons which sync the main site to a redundant server (team, from where its synced to me so triple redundancy), but for the ftp i plain dont have the resources - so only occasional backups.

Remember back2roots was coded without a computer or a line! I used a demo terminal of the german telekom and to make this possible the engine of the main site (code and data) still fits on a single floppy disk. The files and screenshots of the main site were uploaded by bobic and others of the team (and later synced to me via 56k modem). Hundreds of people have uploaded the rest. The huge ftp was created by me - all own content came from a local copy and took ages to upload.

I'll have to repeat a paypal collection for new disks - and if it yields enough response both servers may receive same (double) space for full redundancy. If you know some terabytes of safe backup space with a good line let me know. rsync is a oneliner, np - but bandwidth and storage space is not included in its command...

Well let's see - we got some recreation tool from the controller manufacturer - the disks are smashed for sure (one is said to sound like marbles in it and is physically void) but maybe a part could be restored. Of course we could not buy industry grade equipment and with increasing bandwidth and "multithreading hammering tools" a 1mio downloads per week archive is very stressy for the disks.

Thanks god i did a full virusscan this winter (which required a resync of my copy)....
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