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The Future Depends on YOU! Help develop new Amiga games!

Hello everyone! I've been chatting with a few fellow Amiga games developers about their current projects and what still needs to be done with them before they're ready to be released. It seems there are quite a few games in production, but the people working on them could really do with some more help. So I've decided to start a thread where we can list all the current Amiga games in development, giving a brief description of each one and detailing the kind of help needed. As new games come to light I can edit this first post to add them to the list, or remove them once they're completed.

While letting everyone know about all the exciting new games coming out for Amigas, the main reason for this thread is to seek out new talent to join us and help get these games finished. We are all doing our best to get our games made, but we all need help with various things, including graphics, music, sound effects, playtesting, level design, animation, and most importantly coding!

So, if anyone out there is up to the challenge and has the skills required, please contact us and join the team, we'll fill you in on all the details to get you started. Also, if anyone knows of any more current game projects that could be added to the list, let me know and I'll add them.

With your help, the Amiga games scene will see more hits in 2009 than it has in years!

And so, on with the list:

Halloween Nightmare

Description: An arcade adventure platform game for 1 or 2 players set during Halloween. Great console-style fun for all ages.
Gameplay: Using the control pad, joystick or keyboard battle through several levels packed with nasty monsters, on a quest to collect as much candy as you can. Along the way you will meet characters and learn information that will aid your mission, and you'll battle plenty of end bosses!
Chipset: AGA and OCS versions
OS: OS3.0+ and OS1.0+
Game Type: Commercial
Help Needed: Main programmer (preferably 68K Assembly, but not essential)
Musician - Several different mods required, ranging from bouncy to spooky to epic orchestral score
Additional: Old concept demo available on Aminet, though game has evolved slightly since -
Contact: Email us at - undergroundarcadeATgmailDOTcom

Amijeweled AGA

Description: By popular demand, the fantastic RTG puzzle game Amijeweled has made the leap to AGA Amigas. A beautiful, challenging game for anyone to play.
Gameplay: Arrange the jewels into columns or rows by swapping them with their neighbour to receive points (and perhaps more time).You can swap the diamonds horizontally or vertically, it is not possible to swap them diagonally. After completing a line or row, the jewels will vanish, the rows above will fall down into gap and new diamonds will fall on top.
Chipset: AGA
OS: OS3.0+
Game Type: Commercial
Help Needed: Musician - Relaxing, chill-out mod required. Must go for at least five minutes before looping, and not sound too repetitive.
Additional: Official site and RTG demo available here -
Contact: Use the Contact form at -

Horace Goes Skiing

Description: The classic ZX Spectrum road-crossing&skiing romp bought to the Amiga with a multiplayer twist.
Gameplay: Aid the lovable cartoon rogue & his friends across the tretcherous motorway, being sure to avoid those money-hungry private-health-care ambulances! Then hit the slopes with your colleagues and race to win!
Chipset: OCS
OS: OS1.0+
Game Type: Freeware
Help Needed: 2D graphic artist - For some cartoon-style screens between sections, and also enhance the current graphics
Additional: Early gameplay videos - [ Show youtube player ] and [ Show youtube player ]
Contact: Email Horace at - hungryhoraceATpspuaeDOTcom


Description: A fast paced horizontally scrolling shoot'em'up. Classic arcade style gameplay and amazing AGA effects.
Gameplay: For one or two players. Blast your way through swarms of alien scum, ccollecting powerups and extra weapons to use against your enemy.
Chipset: AGA
OS: OS3.0+
Game Type: Commercial
Help Needed: Pixel artists required for creating huge sprites and background graphics set in space. Title screen and intro animators needed.
Contact: Email us at - undergroundarcadeATgmailDOTcom

Tracker Hero

Description: The music video game for Amiga. Stunning AGA graphics and plenty of your favourite Amiga modules to play to.
Gameplay: Support for multiple controller types including keyboard, joystick, CD32 pads and Playstation Guitar Hero controllers. A rhythm-based game where you're rewarded for accurately "playing" the notes of the music in sequence as they scroll down the screen.
Chipset: AGA
OS: OS3.0+
Game Type: Freeware
Help Needed: Musicians - Several musicians are required to submit original music which will become the basis of the entire game. Must be in 4-channel mod format
Additional: Official site - and early gameplay videos - [ Show youtube player ] - [ Show youtube player ]
Contact: Contact us at - trackerheroATgmailDOTcom

Super Pumpkin Bros

Description: Super Pumpkin Bros is a classic arcade style platform game in the tradition of Bubble Bobble with beautiful AGA graphics.
Gameplay: One or two players battle screen after screen of cute monsters, picking up collectable items along the way.
Chipset: AGA
OS: OS3.0+
Game Type: Freeware
Help Needed: Encouragement and support
Additional: Early preview demo available on Aminet -
Contact: Nori KHIAT

Change It

Description: Change It is the Bejeweled PC game clone.
Gameplay: The player has to change place of two neighbouring elements in order to obtain at least three elements of the same shape or color in one line.
Chipset: OCS/AGA/RTG
OS: OS3.0+, OS4.0+, MorphOS, AROS
Game Type: Freeware
Help Needed: Skin creators welcomed to make new skins and sound effects to be used in the game.
Additional: Official site - - Guide on how to create skins -
Contact: Programmer Robert "Phibrizzo" Krajcarz - jgnATinteriaDOTpl

Tank Wars Deluxe

Description: A game where the aim is to wipe out all other opponents through a series of several arenas.
Gameplay: Compete with up to five players using various selectable control methods, including four-player adapter support.
Chipset: OCS
OS: OS1.0+
Game Type: Commercial
Help Needed: Pixel artists required for creating map tiles and small sprites, and title screen graphics. Sound effects required, and musician for title screen.
Additional: Game is still top secret, but anyone interested in helping will be brought into the loop.
Contact: Email us at - undergroundarcadeATgmailDOTcom

The Voyage of the Wanderer

Description: Action RPG/Adventure
Gameplay: You walk around in an incredably huge all-on-one-map world, seen from 30° ISO perspective. Follow the main plot, but meanwhile you fight monsters, collect items, complete side-quests and improve your character(s).
Chipset: 24bit RTG/AHI
OS: OS3.1+
Game Type: TBA
Help Needed: Classic pencil & paper drawing artist, colorizer, 3D modeller/animator, musician, story teller.
Contact: Email us at - supportAThd-recDOTde

The Very Big Deal

Description: A strategy game with 256 colours and support for English, German and Spanish included. The game is based on "The Big Deal" for the C64.
Gameplay: You play as Floyd, a little robot who works in a snack bar and has to serve customers. Can you quickly assemble the meal and keep your guests happy before they leave?
Chipset: AGA
OS: OS 3.0+
Game Type: Freeware or Shareware
Help Needed: 2D pixelling/animation needed for Title screen & in-game graphics.
Additional: Early screenshots and more information about the game can be found here -
Contact: Nujack on EAB -

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