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Woah, just noticed that after having gone searching for this thread for the benefit of a friend (and co-participant in this project!). Who'd have thought there'd be a reply after all this time?

So... no, it wasn't abandoned, it just went into hibernation for a while (a fairly lengthy while). But it's alive! The toolset is now essentially complete (including, yes, the level editor that you're so excited by :-) and the game itself is doing nicely too.

You can have a copy of the editor, if you don't mind the fact that it's linux-only at the moment and you'll need some way to get the files it saves into the game because it doesn't (and won't, and shouldn't) do that by itself. Though I can help you with that too :-) If you're still keen, drop me an email address (privately if you like) and we'll sort something out.
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