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Originally Posted by Ironclaw View Post
What I really found annoying back then was my lame tendancy of often getting "disk not validated".. I had lots of personally made disks, and most of them while I was working got "disk not validated" often.. so I had to use programs like DiskSalv (if that was what it was called, was shit loads of years ago) to fix it.. sometimes that didn't work and could even break data, so I had to do a backup of my special disks anytime I updated them incase they got not validated... meh.. was so annoying to me.... (no, wasn't viruses, and no, I didn't want my disks to be write protected as I constantly wrote to them). It was just TOO easy to get a disk to become not validated.. arghhhh.
AGREE! I've heard it's the messy Amiga-Dos that causes this...
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